Our Donors

Changing Lives

We are partnering with the philanthropic community to stay on target for an early 2017 opening. We appreciate all of our donors who have made generous donations to the Unity Center. Together we are transforming the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens and their families. Thank you for your support.

The following philanthropic leaders have made transformational gifts in support of the Unity Center:

“The Unity Center is an investment that will dramatically improve the lives of individuals and families dealing with a mental health crisis, and lead to a healthier community.”

– Marcia Randall

The Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust

Von Schlegell

“Mental health challenges quietly surround all of us in our daily lives in Portland– our streets, our friends and our families. Not often do we get a chance to support a strategy that is local, comprehensive and has the critical mass to actually move the needle on the defining social problem of our time.”

John and Fran von Schlegell

The Rood Family

“Our health, both mental and physical, is the most important thing in our lives.  For anyone that has the ability to give to improve everyone’s health, we should.  The Unity Center for Behavioral Health will be an asset for everyone in the community.”

The Rood Family

Dave and Jill Mertens

“We chose to invest in the Unity Center for Behavioral Health because of the serious needs of those in our community facing mental health issues. Out of the spirit of cooperation and partnership that brings Unity Center to life, Portland will be an example to the rest of the nation and will make vital resources available to our residents and their families.”

Dave and Jill Mertens

Michael and Loren Gordon

“We are keenly aware of the immense need for mental health services and the limited supply of such resources across the nation.  We hope this collaboration will serve as a model for other areas of the country.”

Michael and Loren Gordon

Jill Nelson

donor background

“The Unity project is an example of blessings that happen when you collaborate with the community. If our giving can help spur this collaboration, we are honored to be a part of that effort and  are confident this center will quickly become an essential community asset…one other communities will want to emulate.”

Jeff and Lisa Gordon

Greg and Michele Goodwin

“As a member of the Randall Children’s Hospital Foundation Board, I learned of the significant, unmet need in our community for emergency services for adolescents experiencing an urgent mental health crisis. Michele and I are honored to support this collaboration  and it is our hope that all of our neighbors, adults and children alike, who are in need of these specialized services will have access to effective and compassionate care at the Unity Center.”

Greg and Michele Goodwin

donor background

“The Unity Center for Behavioral Health represents a radical departure in how we evaluate and treat people with mental health issues.  The collaboration of health systems, counties, the City of Portland and many community organizations is unprecedented nationally and is the reason we are so happy to support this groundbreaking project.”

Shirley and Mike Newcomb

Care Oregon

CareOregon supports the Unity Center for Behavioral Health because we believe it will be the best possible facility for those experiencing a behavioral health crisis. All will receive compassionate, patient-centered care – regardless of their social circumstances.

– Scott Clement, Chief Network Officer


The Martha, Robert and John Atherton Foundation

“I have witnessed the great needs for attention to Behavioral Health over a long lifetime. I am moved to support a well-planned program such as the Unity project in Oregon. You have a great group of leaders and will make a huge impact for the betterment of thousands of lives.”

–Martha Atherton

Martha, Robert and John Atherton Foundation

donor background

“We have always known of the challenges of caring for those in our society facing mental health issues but my service on Legacy Board has helped me to understand how critical this issue is to our community.  This project is a great example of collaboration in the private/public sector to address a significant issue.”

Dave and Sue Ramus

Pedigo Products Inc

Oregon Community Foundation

“OCF is proud to invest the new Unity Center for Behavioral Health – a partnership with Legacy Health, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Adventist Health and Kaiser Permanente. This innovative, collaborative approach will result in a more integrated, community-based system of care that will de-escalate individuals in crisis and speed their successful re-entry into the community.”

– Kathleen Cornett, Vice President for Grants & Programs

Oregon Community Foundation

“We know that traditional emergency departments are not equipped to provide all the services for people in crisis. The Unity Center is an innovative approach to addressing this long standing concern.  Our donation represents FamilyCare’s continued investment in improving the health of its members and communities across the region.”

–Jeff Heatherington, CEO and President of FamilyCare Health

FamilyCare Health