Mental Health Emergency Services

We are here for you

Sometimes life seems unbearable or throws us curveballs we weren’t expecting. We get it. Our dedicated team of compassionate behavioral health professionals can help. Our psychiatric physicians, nurse practitioners, crisis intervention specialists and nurses are invested in you. They listen and partner with you to create a plan that best fits your needs. The Unity Center team will help you make an after-care plan and coordinate that plan with your community providers as well as your identified support system. Our goal is for you to leave Unity Center with a path to recovery in place.

For those that need a little more time for an emergency or crisis to lessen, we have stabilization spaces available for short-term use. For those who need longer-term solutions, we also offer inpatient care.

Currently, our psychiatric emergency services are only for patients 18 and older. If you have a child in need of psychiatric emergency services, please take them to the nearest emergency department, call 911, or contact the mental health crisis line in your area

Learn more about Unity’s Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)